'Cooperativa Electronica'  is Stammer´s 8th album and was released in July 2019. The Quantum Theory is used as a leitmotiv, connecting the vibrating qualities of the physical and metaphysical reality. Click to listen. The CD can be ordered via PayPal and offers a better sound quality. The music can also be listened to and bought at popular internet sites as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon.  

9. Sequential Quantum Test   4:09
Exploring the outer reaches of the sequencer.
10. Out of Swing   2:46
Jumping in electronic shells.
11. Reggae Rajado   4:27
Rajado y relajado.
12. Zilpha   3:22
Lyrics from´Walden` by Henry D. Thoreau 

1. Cooperativa Electronica   5:44

Fitting a deranged cello into the fold.
2. Metaphysically Erased  4:18
Setting sail into space.

3. Fratsen  5:11
Windswept electrons.
4. Resonancia Paramagnética   7:05
Meditatively spinning around.
5. Wavering Particles   6:29
Is it flowing or blocking?
6. Formant Pulse   5:43
Virtual string  instruments based on pulse forming synthesis
7. Phonoelectric Effect   4:27
Threatening brass accompanies unstable strings.
8. In Orbit   7:16
Electric hammers circling around a tonewheel nucleus.

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All instruments (synthesizers) played by S T A M M E R.
Musi composed and produced by S T A M M E R.
© Unpublished 2019 Stammer. All Rights Reserved. Not for commercial use.