'Disthing'  appeared in 1997 and was Stammer's first CD. The title is of course a non-existent word with reminiscences of disharmony and dissonants and the identity of things when isolated from their context.The tracks con be listened individually or as an album in MP3 format. The CD can be orderderd via PayPal and offers a better soundquality. The music can also be listened and bought at popular internet sites as iTunes, Google play, Spotify, and Amazon.


  1. 1.   Possess Me Not    10:13 Watch video clip with soundtrack       
    Stammering lead, assisting distorted organ,
    insisting guitar, extra-terrestrial incursions.
  2. 2. Melopidra    8:35
    Minimalist jazz with eerie 'solos' and a playful
  3.  3. Syn    5:02
    Simple percussion and a struggling melody.
  4.  4. Bag Drag   3:55
    Inspired by Zappa's Hot Rats
  5.  5. Not Without Adding Some   5:05 Watch video clip with soundtrack
     Spread percussion and bass,
    searching melody.
  6.  6. Disthing    6:21
    Claustrofobic rhythm, spacey guitar,
    simplistic organ and ranting brass.
  7.  7. Pi Times     5:58
    Minimal rhythm, whining melodies,
    trying over and over again.
  8. 8. Forging Water    4:39
    Electric and flowing.
  9. 9. Blue    8:38
    Minimalist blues.
  10. 10.  2 Long 2 B     2:08
    Steady and straightforward

    Listen to complete album (60:06)

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All instruments (synthesizers) played by
 S T A M M E R. Music composed
 and produced by S T A M M E R.
© Unpublished 1997 Stammer. All Rights Reserved. Not for commercial use.