'Organ Coil´ is Stammer´s 7th album and was released at the end of 2018. It centers around the eye of innermost turmoil while the electrics of the grand old Hammond organ is prominently present.
The tracks con be listened individually or as an album in MP3 format. The CD can be ordered via PayPal and offers a better soundquality.
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1. Panta Rhei   8:11
What started as an intention to make peaceful, quiet
music, became a swollen river, getting wider and wilder.
2. Maelstrom   6:10   Watch video clip with soundtrack
Soundtrack for the drone video Life Stream.
3. Intertwine   5:50
Struggle for normality.
4. Amok   5:22
Prepared guitar persecuted by a wild bunch.
5. Black Hole   5:56
Just let yourself be drawn into it..
6. In the Eye   7:17
...of the storm.
7. Growl   6:07
Roaring organ.
8. Speelbal   6:52
Toiling in the wind.
9. Cuculiform  5:08
That is, belonging to the order of cuckoos
 and roadrunners.

10. Tormenta  5:58
It´s threatening, but starts with the falling of
just a few drops. It builds up, it wanes, it attacks
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again, seems to swallow the world, but at the end
the thunder storm just fades away into the distance.

All instruments (synthesizers) played by S T A M M E R. Music composed and produced by
S T A M M E R. © Unpublished 2018 Stammer. All Rights Reserved. Not for commercial use.