'Strum' is Stammer's third album and was released in 2002. The title refers to the prominent presence of all kinds of snare sounds throughout the album. Stammer Strum CD coverThe tracks con be listened individually or as an album in MP3 format. The CD can be ordered via PayPal and offers a better, semi-professional soundquality. The music can also be listened and bought at popular internet sites as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.
1. Duos   8:21
Five minimalist duos.
2. Space Waltz   3:23
Very conventional.
3. Espíritu Mecánico   7:59
Growing and dying of the machine.
4. Si Ti Snorb 2:36
Snare interplay.
5. Ruleta   4:47
Eerie and alien.
6. Adios Dinos   5:32
Homage to the 'dinosaur' rock of Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd.
7. Chismo   7:55
Communication and its distortion and oxidation.
8. Haunted   4:06
The jungle of a modern city.
9. Strum   9:04
Strumming and stammering.

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All instruments (synthesizers) played by S T A M M E R. Music composed and produced by S T A M M E R.
© Unpublished 2002 Stammer. All Rights Reserved. Not for commercial use.