'The Zone' is Stammer's fourth album and was released in 2005. The title refers to the close relation between places and music on this album. Places evoke music and music evokes places. The soundtrack of a film can add substantialeffect to a film, but more often than not the suggestive and evocative power of music is much stronger without accompanying images. The trackStammer  The Zone  CD covers con be listened individually or as an album in MP3 format. The CD can be orderderd via PayPal and offers a better, semi-professional soundquality. The music can also be listened and bought at popular internet sites as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.
1. Sun Raish   6:02
The rising of a sun over some outerspace landscape
2. The Zone   5:00     Watch video clip with soundtrack
Inspired by the films Stalker and Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky
3. Escalator   4:25
Mind your step
4. Mute   4:22
Music for a silent movie
5. Dropout   4:49
Formerly known as Gatenkaas
6. Fuse   4:35
Stammering almost replaced by soft fusion
7.Central Power Station   4:46
Result of an unexpected visit to an abandoned power station in Teruel
8. Music before Zen Meditation   5:15
Observing the waves come and go
9. Also Stammelte Zarathustra   6:35
Underdog und übermensch
10. Arch   4:12
Musical transcription of a dome

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All instruments (synthesizers) played by S T A M M E R. Music composed and produced by S T A M M E R.
© Unpublished 2005 Stammer. All Rights Reserved. Not for commercial use.