'Water Works' is Stammer's fifth album and was released in March 2011. Water is perhaps one of the most musical natural phenomena. It gurgles, whispers, drips, splashes, thunders and ice cracks and sings. The accompanying emotions range from serenity to utter terror.

The tracks con be listened individually or as an album in MP3 format. The CD can be orderderd via PayPal and offers a better, semi-professional soundquality. The music can also be listened and bought at popular internet sites as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon.
1. Surface Tension   6:07   Watch video clip with soundtrack
Tension on the surface, serenity below.
2. Waterworks    4:56
The splashing, accumulating and flowing of water.
3. Drankorgel   4:44   Watch video clip with soundtrack
An alcohol drenched hurdy-gurdy.
4. In Suspension  4:34
Some stay floating.
5. Pastorale    5:52   Watch video clip with soundtrack
A lazy summer afternoon.
6. Flux    5:49
Melt, fuse and flow.
7. Walking On Ice   4:03
How far can you go?
8. Wet Weather    4:46
Hommage to Weather Report.
9. Ocean   4:56
Vast and wavy.
10. Yellow Bird    6:58   Watch video clip with soundtrack
Oriolus oriolus, a frequent companion on our trips along the rivers of Aragon.

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All instruments (synthesizers) played by S T A M M E R. Music composed and produced by S T A M M E R.
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